3rd annual Expo draws 1,500 to learn about careers in Northern Valley

DSC_0614Nearly 1,500 sophomore students from 27 high schoolsattended the third annual Northern Valley Career Expo Oct. 29 in Grand Forks, meeting 70 companies and post-secondary schools and attending two of 22 break-out seminars covering six unique career fields.

The Northern Valley Career Expo has introduced nearly 4,000 students to career opportunities available in Northeast North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota since the event launched in 2012.

Based on student survey responses, about 77 percent of attendees to date are more inclined to remain in the region to pursue careers as a result of the Expo.

Companies bring interactive exhibits designed to introduce students to regional workforce demands for skilled, technical and professional careers, related post-secondary training, and education programs that can help them design a career path.

The Expo is designed to educate high school sophomores, who are beginning to explore career paths, about opportunities available with Northern Red River Valley employers.

“This Expo is just one way we are working to address the prevalent need to retain youth in the region to meet our growing workforce demands,” said Grand Forks Region EDC Vice President Keith Lund.

“This event is part of a broad regional workforce retention effort,” Lund said. “We hope that as these students are planning their futures, we can help influence them to stay in the region because of the exciting career opportunities here.”

The annual event is organized by education, economic development, and workforce organizations in Northeast North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota.

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